Led TV Repairing Course Institute

Led TV Repairing Course

If you are looking for the best LED LCD TV repairing course, Multitech Institute is the right choice. After joining this institute, a student will be glad attaining coaching here. The institute has become the choice of many individuals because of many reasons. LEDs & LCDs are now common everywhere and these gadgets also require timely repair if get damaged. We are team of witty minds who focuses to provide quality education with practical knowledge of the course. We have skilled practitioners who offer training that supports LED TV repair classes. We part adequate training for LCD and TV repair on how to use the CRO Computer, Bios Programmer, BGA machine, IRDA Machine, etc. The course for LCD and TV repair gives a useful insight into a student and helps to do better in the real world. The quality learning and other reasons are there that makes us the best institute for LED LCD TV repairing course in Delhi.

Reasons to choose Us

The course content is designed lining up with the modern LCDs and LEDs requirements. Our Led TV Repairing Course offers a forum for students to be trained in full software repair for cell phones, chip level training, mobile phone fixing, and many more. Our teaching is realistic, so students are well introduced to the repair of the machines and get enough confidence to solve the problems of real life. We strive to teach you in a way that makes you industry ready and job ready. Our course can assist the student in getting job; part-time and full-time. The syllabus consists of basic to advance repairing of LEDs and LCD. Knowledge of screens, picture tubes, board, panel, display screens and so forth. This comprehensive course offers you holistic understanding of repairing an LCD and an LED. The fee structure is affordable and nominal.

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  • Introduction of LED/LCD /CRT TV
  • Identify of Led/Lcd TV function
  • Identify of Electronics components
  • Difference between Led and lcd tv
  • Use of multimeter
  • Use of Hot Gun Machine(SMD) and Soldering Iron Machine
  • How to remove and fix faulty components from Board?
  • Led/Lcd TV hot and cool testing.
  • How to replace all type of jack, port, socket and connector?
  • How to check faulty electronics components?
  • Block diagram of Led/Lcd TV and smart TV
  • Led and Lcd TV power circuit board details
  • Led or Lcd TV assembling & disassembling
  • Main board testing of TV
  • T-con board testing
  • Power supply circuit testing & repairing solutions
  • Lcd and Led TV all voltage tracing
  • Led/Lcd TV screen testing and repair
  • TV Invertor and power circuit board problems
  • Led repairing tools details
  • Bios update & flash with bios programmer
  • Led TV remote function details
  • How to check logic card?
  • Electronics components details ( Resistor, capacitor, diode, mosfet, transistor, coil, ic/chip, crystal, jumper, fuse, thermistor, Ic/chip, priset, switch, speaker)


  • How to test and repair black light problem?
  • Led/lcd panel repair and testing tips.
  • Led/lcd tv Dead problem solution step by step easily
  • No sound problem solution
  • Video fluctuation error solution
  • Vertical line problem solution of screen
  • Horizontal line problems solution of all types of lCD and LED
  • No video and audio issue
  • Repairing all types damage board of LCD and LED
  • Solutions of hardware and software of lcd and led
  • How to use and fix issue of universal board
  • Shortcut and quick repairing tips
  • Repairing concept of all types of TV with & without power supply
  • Black light failure issue on screen
  • Tv repair with jumper on board
  • Coulor issue of screen
  • Hdmi port testing and its faults repairing
  • Usb port testing and repairing solutions
  • Audio jack testing and error solutions
  • Video in and video out port testing and faults repairing
  • Voltage testing issue on board like 12v, 5, 3.3v 2.5v, 1.2volts
  • Auto power off problems of TV
  • Video ok but no audio problem and solution
  • Audio ok but no video on screen
  • Cof related problems and repairing solutions
  • White screen problem and repairing
  • Led/lcd repair with schematics diagrams