Computer Hardware and Software Repair

Computer Hardware and Software Repair

Computer is an integral part of human life and candidates who have dire interest in computer field can choose career in computer hardware and software. Smart-Tech institute is the best institute for computer hardware and software course in Delhi. We offer various short and long term job-oriented courses. Candidates who have completed computer hardware and networking courses may take up positions in multiple industries, ranging from start-ups to MNCs, as all firms need trained persons within the enterprises who can address technological and system problems.

In government departments and educational establishments, positions are also open. Pursuing computer hardware and software course from Smart-Tech can have benefits for a student. Some of the choicest reasons because of which people prefer us are-

Job oriented courses- The entire syllabus is set by observing the industry demands and standards. We engage in job-oriented preparation and excel in job-oriented preparation and concentrate on preparing students according to the needs of the sector. Our personalised courses and creative teaching approaches mean that everyone is employable, whether an applicant is from an IT background or a non-IT background. In specialist level courses, Smart-Tech has a 100 percent career placement guarantee. It concentrates on training applicants according to the needs of the industry.

Professional Staff- We are blessed to have a team of professionals with us. They work tirelessly to provide you adequate training with live projects. The team is experienced and quick enough to handle every type of query.

Quality Learning- By using new methods such as smart class and specialized techniques of practicality, we aim to provide the students with the best learning. The curriculum for the course is informative and provides the student with in-depth expertise.

Methodology of teaching- We tend to consider the learning capacity and capability of the pupil and devise teaching techniques. The faculty is adequately helpful and provides the students guidelines and plans for their development.

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  • What is Computer and Laptop?
  • Parts of computers and laptops.
  • About desktop and laptop Motherboard
  • Motherboard series
  • Types of Motherboard
  • Motherboard all details – port, slot, socket, connector, components, ic etc.
  • Use of ram
  • Difference Types of ram details-DRR,DDR2,DDR3,DDR4
  • About Ram cache memory, FSB Speed, all voltage Detail
  • CPU (Processor)
  • Details about Cpu series
  • Difference types of cpu socket and processor details.
  • Cpu clock speed, cache memory, FSB Speed, voltage
  • Details of Hard disk
  • What is CD/DVD/Blue Ray?
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • How to use Diagnostic card for motherboard faults error.
  • SMPS and its connection ( switch mode power supply)
  • Assembling & dissembling computer.
  • How to assemble new computer?


  • What is operating system?
  • How to format & install windows. Like windows xp, windows 7/ 8 / 10.
  • How to install multi windows on system.
  • How to install all types of driver from offline/online.
  • How to make bootable pen drive by software & without software.
  • How to burn & write cd/dvd/blueray by software.
  • How to install all types of application software. Like ms-office, media players, tally, coral draw, Photoshop etc.
  • How to install & update all types of antivirus.
  • How to break all types of windows password.
  • How to get backup & restore for all types of windows.
  • How to create & Marge partition for all types of windows.
  • How to do all data recovery from hard disk, pen drive, memory card.
  • About bios/cmos setup.


  • Lan networking.
  • How to make Lan cabling with standard color code?
  • Computer sharing to multiple users.
  • How to take desktop or laptop on Remote.
  • Printer sharing with multiple users.
  • How to use safe internet?


  • Blue screen problem.
  • Windows installation errors.
  • Virus detection and solution.
  • Driver errors for computer devices.
  • No display faults in laptop or desktop.
  • Dead condition solution.
  • Restarting problem in systems.
  • Solutions for Hanging of systems
  • Date & time errors.
  • Sound problem.
  • Network problem.
  • Smps not working.
  • Keyboard not working solution.
  • Problems related to Mouse
  • Cd/Dvd faults.